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168cm sex doll
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The whole body of beilaiqing entity doll is made of TPE material (the international name for virtual skin), which is non-toxic, harmless, tasteless and environmentally friendly.


TPE is the closest to human skin tissue, with sufficient elastic characteristics, making the doll feel the closest to human skin. The built-in human skeleton of domestic first-class scientific research technology enables the doll to do all the movements that a human can do.


(the doll legs can be laid flat at 180 degrees) the advanced scientific research technology and perfect technology make the doll experience greatly improved.

Material: TPE
Bust: 95cm
Low Bust: 65cm
Waist: 57cm
Hip: 85cm
Leg Length: 83cm
Arm Length: 64cm
Net Weight: 43KG
Foot Length: 21cm
Package Weight: 49KG
Vaginal Depth: 18cm
Anal depth: 16cm
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