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kegal Ball
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*Kegel Exercise Weights Kit

*High grade silicone - hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate free.

Color: Pink Color
Waterproof: 100%
Product Pack: One kit contains 3 weights kit

*Set of 3 different weights offer you more options, each weights is equipped with a silicone string to easily take out the ball after use.

*Doctor Recommended:
Recommended by physical therapists solution for incontinence & weak pelvic floor muscles: Tracy’s Dog Weights
kit Bladder Control Device.
A luxury silicone set presented in beautiful gift packaging. A three-step system, each step has a differently
shaped and weighted exerciser to help to tone your pelvic floor, which may strengthen pelvic
floor muscles improving bladder control; post-pregnancy recover and overall better pelvic health.

*Exercise System:
Unlike many other Exercise systems, this set comes with 3 x different weighted kit to guide you through a full
workout regime. Work your way from beginner to advanced level kegel exercises with one, easy-to-use kit.
Exercise system easily integrates into your daily routine so you can regain your tightness & confidence in
just 30 minutes per day.

Item Number: BF-53045

*Product Sizes:
Single size: 4.3 * 1.75 inch Weight: 33g
One double ball size: 5.7 * 1.25 inch Weight: 52g
Second double size: 6.5 * 1.5 inch Weight: 61g

Item Package Length:     in. - (  cm )
Item Package Width:     in. - (  cm )
Item Package Height:     in. - (  cm )
Item Packaged Weight:    KG
Case Count:   48
Case Length:    
Case Width:    
Case Height:   

Material: silicone
Country of Origin:    CHINA
HS Code:    3908907000

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