The Enjoyable Rabbit Vibe from Beingfetish

The Enjoyable Rabbit Vibe from Beingfetish
From:Purple Passion


This week we’re pleased to share our thoughts and experiences with you on a fantastic new Rabbit from Beingfetish. The flexibility of this toy really jumped out at me as something that I’d like to see from other toymakers. Before we share the fun details, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

The Rabbit Vibe from Beingfetish is an enjoyable vibe priced to compete with many of the vibes we’ve previously reviewed. The Rabbit has an insertable length of around 5.5 inches while its ears have a reach of a little more than 3 inches. What we really like about this offering from Beingfetish is that this is a very flexible vibe! Not everybody is made the same, and what we greatly appreciated was that the ears of the toy flexed and moved to hit just the right spot. Like many others, the Rabbit offers 10 vibration patterns that hum along at a very quiet level. The low volume of this toy came as a pleasant surprise. This Rabbit is waterproof as well so it’s safe for play in the bath or shower. Made of body-safe silicone, this toy is easily washed with either a gentle soap or your favorite toy cleaner. Along with the toy you’re also provided a charging USB cable for quick charging.

Her Experiences

Having as many toys as we do, it can be difficult to set something aside to try something new. Hard as it may be, I found time to welcome the Beingfetish Rabbit while he left me with an empty house. With a little of my favorite water-based lube and some incredibly sexy erotica, I set out to our secluded back porch for some alone time with the Rabbit.

After reading for a while and enjoying the warm sun on my naked chest, I slid my hand down my shorts and began touching myself. I was clearly enjoying the book because there was no need for the lube. I slid my shorts down to my knees and turned the Rabbit on. Almost immediately I found that this is a Rabbit that packs a punch! We have tested Rabbit vibes that start small and some that can be walked back from an intense start. This Rabbit starts strong and is definitely not for the timid or for beginners. I really enjoyed the strong vibes as I slid the shaft of the toy along my clit before driving the toy into my pussy. As I lay on the back porch I never once worried about the noise level of the Rabbit-it really performed well in this situation. Worried that my moans would interrupt our neighbor's afternoon I instructed Alexa to play some music as my orgasm neared. The ears of the toy rested very nicely on my clit and move easily with the toy when I moved it around. I’m not sure if it was my book or being outside or the toy itself, but within minutes I was cumming! I’m talking about popping up like Dracula from his coffin! I love any toy that can get me off that quickly! 

This Rabbit is also a great toy to use with your partner. After going down on me and nearly bringing me to orgasm, I handed him the Rabbit which he easily slid inside me. Right away he noticed how flexible the toy was and that it felt incredibly good in his hand. We didn’t use the toy long as I wanted him to finish me off. I woke up early the next morning to start the day with an orgasm in the shower. With a hand on the wall, the toy worked its magic on me and I soon found myself shaking with pleasure.

Her Conclusion

This Rabbit from Beingfetish is a fantastic deal at $42.99 USD. Easy to hold and incredibly quiet, the Rabbit offered up multiple orgasms in a very short amount of time. While it’s not a Rabbit for beginners, it’s definitely nothing too intimidating. The flexibility makes it perfect for many different bodies and its quietness is perfect for those of you who don’t want to advertise when you’re masturbating. I really enjoyed this toy and am happy to recommend it to you.